Who we are and what we do and what we are accomplishing
The Swedish Model is an organisation consisting of 6 Swedish independent record labels. We have a common agenda. We want to restore focus on the music. We believe in the future. We are doing this because we want to bring forward good music and will do this as long as there are creative people. The creative will not stand and fall with an economic model or a physical product. The Swedish Model is a way to explore great Swedish music.The future is in our hands. We are positive.

The Swedish Model is a cooperation and discussion platform for the future. To put music in focus we will arrange festivals, work with clubs and talk with great belief to everyone that comes in our way about the treasures we are representing. Our goal is to get fans closer to the core. To reach our broader goal of a flourishing music climate in a digital age we arrange seminars and hold lectures on how we see the future of the music business.

Read more about our attitude toward the contemporary era and thoughts about the future in our first statement and watch our speech in the Swedish Parliament on “Copyright on internet”.

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The labels
Adrian Recordings
Adrian Recordings started in 1999 and is now situated in Malmö in southern Sweden. The label works close with the artists, always forcing them to perform top notch as well as finding the right crowd for the music. The label releases guitar indie pop as well as darker electronic bangers.

Flora & Fauna
Flora & Fauna released their first record, a seven-inch with electronic dub, in 1999. Since then they’ve made over 40 releases and counting in various genres. Trying to push things forward. One record at a time.

Hybris's ambition is to be an intelligent and modern record label - and to always be the most interesting one. They love pop music, they salute it every morning. Pop music deserves some respect. They are a young record label, started in 2004, but have already made their mark. Hybris is a record label just waiting to be your new favorite one.

Nomethod Records
Nomethod is a Swedish label concentrating on indie, pop, electronica/electro and post-rock.They work both as management and label with the four artists they have signed. They started the Nomethod label in 2006 and before that were also involved in other Swedish labels from the start. They try to work as the artists’ 3rd arm and do all things in a very close relationship with them.

Songs I Wish I Had Written
Songs I wish I had written is a Swedish music label established 2005 with the ambitions to be modern, embrace the technology and always dare to try new ideas. Moto boy, The LK, Gentle touch, Le sport, Regina & Unarmed enemies make us pass out, dance and think. They are our definition of great pop music. We strongly believe in the abilities of a great melody to move and change, we are the frame that puts pieces of art in the focal point and we love massive duplication.

A TenderVersion Recording
Established in 2004, A TenderVersion Recording presents the most interesting composers and bands from the current Swedish music scene to an international audience. We hope to find kindred spirits all over the world, as we unite in the rewarding experience of taking in the most intriguing visual and audible art. A TenderVersion Recording is Sweden’s leading independent label focusing on instrumental, alternative and post-rock.