Hi music industry, hi all of you who on a daily basis must endure an unbalanced debate on distribution of music, and hi dear music fans.

The future of music as an art form looks brighter than ever before. There has been a democratization, and the possibility for musicians to reach out to interested parties is a lot greater compared to just a few years back. Above all, the interest during the last year has grown rapidly. It is not by mere coincidence that this has happened. Music distribution has gone through a change of paradigm. The product has been degraded and the content has ended up in greater focus.

We in the music industry have shown ourselves unable to follow in this change. Some of us have even waged war against those the music is recorded for – the listeners. The rift between producers and consumers has never been bigger. Our contemporary period is not black or white, pro or con. The truth is that Internet has provided us with a fantastic grey scale of possibilities! Instead of fighting back we ought to learn from the daily newspaper and the computer game industries. Early on, they realized the superiority of the internet and developed new services there. Their new departments today are those who run the companies forward and where we in the future expect that the majority of the income will be.

Yes, you have read right between the lines. We like computer nerds who put their souls into building protocols that efficiently spreads the music that we love. We are modern you know. We don't want to have appeals against laws or pirates. We don't want to have appeals against the appeals either. We want to have a creative discussion about how we can refine the distribution forms and how we further can refine the art form of music.

It is impossible to say yes or no to file sharing. It is something that exists and can't be removed. Get started and put the energy towards driving the development instead of trying to slow it down. It's not possible to slow it down – the force in great changeovers that are good for humanity is much too strong for special interest organizations and laws to stop it. That's it. Stop whining. If you are creative and the music you make is good then there will always be space for you.

It hurts when old business models break. New models will however always take their place. Right now we're at the end of one epoch and in the beginning of another. The key to moving on is to let the old epoch die and the new germinate. That can only happen if one accepts the new conditions the internet has brought. And it is really time to try new ideas instead of clinging to the old.

We believe in music and welcome every new way to spread it. That increases our audience which in the end makes it both easier for us and our artists to get compensation for committed work and increases the opportunity to further spread more of the music we like. We invite you to come along with us and drive the discussion forward instead of digging the hole you're standing in deeper.

- The Swedish Model 2008-02-20