The need for a digital renaissance
We've found that arguing is the new indie. If you analyse what you listen to you will find that the majority is released by major labels. They have historically done quite a good job. And since we want to spread our music via the emerging streaming music services that will never get better than the amount of music in them we want to get the major labels along.

We also belive that the badwill created by the old music companies in recent years has hurt us as well. It is our responsiblity as futurist music labels with a strong belief in music to convince major players in the business that the future is bright. Follow our lead and we will continue to praise and spread great music forever and ever.

It hurts when old business models break. New models will however always take their place. Right now we’re at the end of one epoch and in the beginning of another. The key to moving on is to let the old epoch die and the new germinate. That can only happen if one accepts the new conditions the internet has brought. And it is really time to try new ideas instead of clinging to the old.

We have new ideas. We have loads of them. And we want to talk to you about them.

In real life we are participating in panels, holding speeches and arranging seminars. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need a voice from inside the music business that understands the reality of today. We have new ideas about how the music business should change to respond to the new paradigm.